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I'm in love... i want to book!

Yay!! Ok, so if you have landed on this page that probably means you have looked through what we do, like the look of our work & perhaps want to talk to the girl behind the camera? Perfect.. before we get chatting I think its important we answer some of the most frequently asked questions... then we can concentrate talking about all fun stuff about your day! 

So what happens next?

Firstly you need to pop us an email via our contact form.. we will send you our shiny new brochure to find out more about our packages & pricing.

ThenIf you would like to chat with Vicki prior to booking then we can arrange a phone consultation, these usually take place during weekday evenings.


Once your happy to go ahead and book us... that's where Mark comes in, he will sort the booking side of things out. Once you have signed your contract & paid your booking fee that's your date secured!  Woohoo, we then have your day to look forward too! 

The wait in between booking & your wedding date is sometimes over 2/3 years (yes super organised brides) So we ask that you stay in touch and keep us posted on any important details... if you need help with finding the perfect supplier then just let us know.. with nearly 20 years experience in the wedding industry Vicki loves nothing better than channeling her inner wedding planner vibes! 

One month before your day... Mark will pop across your final invoice & arrange your final phone call... this is the exciting time! Also a good time to start thinking about what photo requests (like family shots you would like to include). Don't forget to let us know if there are any special things happening on your day like surprises & anything we should be sensitive too! 

One week before...Eek!! Usually (if we haven't already) we chat... & together we go over your day... by the end of it your feeling soooo excited & less nervous about how its all going to go... just relax and enjoy this stage... i know its hard, but time will fly from this stage and the best day of your life is about to happen so just enjoy the build up! 

On the BIG day, this is it... all that planning and stress is worth the wait...your day is finally here and two hours pre ceremony you will be greeted with my smiley face! Don't worry about the weather (you can't control mother nature) just go with the flow and be happy. Laughter is the key to the best pictures. Let your guard down and Enjoy be relaxed. At this stage you just need to sip the champagne & soak it all in. You planned this, you did it... & together we will make it epic. Enjoy being in that room filled with those faces you love and celebrate! 

A few days later (usually the day after) I get super excited & quickly get to editing those previews, yes you will be sat by your phone anxiously waiting that notification! I usually like to pop them up on instagram and tag all the people who made your day incredible! You will both be on cloud 9 still & let me tell you there ain't no better feeling of seeing  just a snippet of your day and relieving some key moments so you can share to the world and tell them everyone "we are married"!!!! 

One month later& usually whilst you have been on honeymoon, Mark will have been busy getting your images edited. Your online gallery will be ready within 4 weeks of your wedding day (please note during peak season / holidays, delivery times may be extended to 6 weeks). However generally as Mark is the super editor we usually have the images back within 4 weeks at no extra charge! So get the champagne out again and enjoy browsing through your day. Shortly after you will have your USB / presentation case in the post!

We love being on your adventure & when the time comes to send the last email after what can sometimes be over 3 years from the initial hello to final 'here's your images' it can feel like the end of a wonderful friendship... & its not the end, we keep in touch with all our couples in one way or another & we love nothing more than seeing our images across your social media. Don't forget to tag us & no doubt we will be at one of your friends weddings and we get to catch up yay! 


That's it! If you love what you see & want to chat with us further let's make plans! ENQUIRE NOW to receive our latest wedding brochure via email.


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