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YOUR love,
your STORY

Our Style


Romantic, honest, raw and captivating are the words most used to describe our style of photography.


We love to create beautiful imagery in the most storytelling way. With the freedom of natural light that adds a delicate soft touch to your imagery.


Our photography & films are both creatively made by using our knowledge and skills we have developed over the past 20  years and adopt a cinematic, non staged approach. We feel your wedding day is not a scripted film production, so therefore our approach allows you to spend the most amount of time with your guests, enjoying the day you planned. 


We are dreamers, sunset chasers, risk takers and story tellers of the most creative kind.

About Vicki


Creative, passionate & genuine, she makes decisions in the moment and searching always for new challenges.


When she doesn't have a camera in hand, you'll find her taking her family off grid in the camper van and getting lost in the beauty of the Scottish highlands for regular digital detoxes and adventures which make her soul happy.


WHY we love WHAT we do

With a passion and sincere love for art & Photography, Vicki studied a B.A in Photography in which she fell in love with analogue techniques learning to adhere to the imperfections of capturing light, her favourite camera back then was her Medium Format Mamiya 645 pro tl, there is something so beautifully nostalgic about film, nothing that digital can ever recreate.


In 2003, Vicki documented her first wedding in Scotland on 35mm film. Since then she knew photographing people and their relationships would form a huge part of her life & since launching her own business back then, she has been blessed to capture over 600 stories of Love. 


During 2014, Husband Mark joined team W&W and since then they have worked alongside each other, together they have creatively told the stories of many couples in the UK and worldwide.

Aside from Vicki & Mark, they have a team of creatives who have been individually hand picked for their skills and similar style & on occasions they may collaborate with them on various projects. The personalities and ethos of the creatives reflect that of their own high qualities and standards within their luxury brand, Willow & Wilde. 


MAY THIS BE THE begining                          OF A BEAUTIFUL

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