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After many years  in the industry we have a lot of creatives we are lucky enough to call our friends. Their work & personalities echo that of ours and they deliver a very similar style to us with a strong emphasis on the qualities we meet in each of our projects. A brief description adjacent, outlines the difference between 2nd shooters, associates and primary & secondary filmmakers. In the very unlikely event that Vicki would be unavailable for your day, rest assured we have it covered with a trusted team of highly sought after creative friends. 

Second Shooter

If you are planning a wedding that has several locations, like additional  prep locations, perhaps a church then a venue.. then your going to need a 2nd shooter to cover the parts that Vicki can't be there for. Not only can a 2nd cover additional  prep, but they can assist Vicki during the ceremony to capture different angles and be there to capture at larger weddings that exceed 120 guests. They are with doubt a great addition to our packages. 

See our Brochure for costings on adding a 2nd Shooter.


Associate Photographer

An associate wedding photographer is an alternative professional photographer who is taking over the role of photographing a wedding date for another photographer.  

There are many different reasons why we offer associate photographers. Sometimes our couples wish to book W&W but Vicki is already booked, so we can offer an associate. 

In very rare occasions they are drafted in to cover in an emergency / or that we are no longer able to cover a date (such as sickness or a postponement) but ultimately they are a professional wedding photographer, usually with their own wedding photography business, and are skilled and shoot in a similar style to us! 

We  started offering associate photographers about four years ago. During the busier wedding months (May-Sept) we are often booked for weddings up to 3  years in advance and we only shoot a section of  weddings per year! This sadly means that we  have  to turn down lots of engaged couples.

We decided to get together a team of wedding creatives who we know well and who are able to shoot in our signature style. This way we’ve enabled so many more couples to have the Willow & Wilde Wedding Photography experience! Want to see some examples? Take a look through this gallery all shot by our trusted associates.


Primary Filmaker

Our filmmaker uses the art of storytelling to create emotion and inspire people to 'feel' something, they work along side us on the day to capture footage as it naturally unfolds. With Vicki being the lead photographer on the day, most of the 'direction' is guided by her, we like to adopt a discreet non staged approach in both film & photography and we only ever have just two of us to ensure you are never overcrowded with cameras. Audio recordings and full footage is always captured during the speeches & ceremony, everything else is filmed creatively in film clips throughout your wedding. No two films will be the same, each unique. Our Filmmaking has purpose and intent. It’s cinematic. It ebbs and flows through a story that has a beginning, middle and end. It has characters, (you and your guests) And it is crafted with a specific emotion in mind creating a lasting memory . 

Our filmmakers are selected & booked in 6 months prior to your date.

Vicki will then take over post production, she is is skilled at the craft of colour grading for a cinematic look. 


Drone Operator 

Usually drone footage comes as standard when booking our Photo & Film packages. The weather of course plays a curial part, if it's too windy to fly, we simply won't risk it. We also adhere to local restrictions in the air space above the location we are flying and if it's not permitted then unfortunately we can't use it. Drone is there to add some establishing shots to your film, it is not guaranteed and will be down to the drone operative decision on the day of your event, this is why we don't charge extra for this service. 


Please note. In the event that an associate photographer is allocated for your day, everything is then care of by Willow & Wilde and the associate photographer will be there to shoot your day only, all edits and communication is with us.

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